Your first Easter

Your first Easter

you wear a white dress
with pastel blue polka dots
and a matching satin ribbon
tied in a bow around your waist.
walking already, at 11 months
you toddle across the grass
in shiny black Mary Janes.
When you stumble and fall, arms outstretched
I gasp, preparing to swoop you up
and hold you tight.
Instead you brush yourself off
and stand again.


– UC


  1. Very nice! Lots of specific detail about your daughter, yet very relatable for those of us who have children, too. A perfect snapshot of a small/big moment.

    • ursulamarie said:

      Thank you!

  2. Lovely! My daughter is 11 months too and also walking! I loved the part about you wanting to scoop her up, but she carries on just fine on her own.

    • ursulamarie said:

      Thank you. It was a sweet moment.

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