Day 8: Itty Bitty, chubby kitty

Itty Bitty was a cat
the likes you’ve never seen
her tubby body was so fat
she’d never be a beauty queen
one day I saw her catch a rat
and play with it, that fiend —
her temperament had seemed so sweet
but if she could, it’s me she’d eat


Author’s Note: This is my attempt at today’s NaPoWriMo prompt for an ottava rima poem. My apologies to Itty Bitty, who was generally a very nice cat, and lived a long life for a kitty.

  1. Alice said:

    This puts Itty in a whole new light! Can this be true? Did she really kill a rat? She was the sweetest of all of our cats. A gentle, shy soul. A regular Scaredy Cat. But not this day! Thanks for commemorating her. It’s a memorable little ditty that Marie may enjoy, especially if you end it with a Roarrr.

  2. ursulamarie said:

    well, it was a mouse.

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