Moms are Superheroes, Too

did you know
your first birthday
marked my one year anniversary
as a superhero?
that’s right, i’m now a mother
and though i’d always wished
for a superpower like flight
or better yet
the ability to move things with my mind
i’ll take the powers of pregnancy and birth
the ability to wipe away your tears
and hold you for hours
the power to love you
with all i am
am yet to be


  1. I remember I needed to carry my boy to hospital when he was sick and it was a long walk. I realised I could carry that child way longer than my arms thought they could.
    Damn straight we’re super heroes. Every single day.

  2. Alice said:

    This is my favorite so far!

    • ursulamarie said:

      Thanks! I try 🙂

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