Day 16: Mother is afraid of singleness

Mother is afraid of singleness. Her private Neptune – I was born watching soap operas and not facing true reality. She utilizes the mind over vision
experimentally. Never do I, incurably so, in times of singleness smudge our halcyon
dinners. The nights of fear, more entreated by our cool blue insincerity? No, I
respond. Meanwhile destiny says mother may dream in scarlet colors. If I were to dream in violet, my life would ignite into brilliant hues.

This was inspired by today’s NaPoWriMo prompt and the Romanian poem “My mother is afraid of loneliness” by Doina Ioanid. I thought of this as an exercise in stream of consciousness. I loved this prompt and will definitely use it with students if I go back to teaching in the future.

1 comment
  1. Alice said:

    Good response to a prompt; quite an interesting poem.

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