Monthly Archives: October 2013


Inspired by the Up Series, here’s a brief synopsis of my life in seven year increments.

What was I doing at age 7?

Current Occupation: First grade student

Career goal: Writer

Sports: Horseback riding, soccer

Favorite color: Hot pink

Celebrity crush: Elvis Presley

The year I traveled to: Disneyland

Best Friend: Na’ alei


At age 14, here I am in front of my middle school.

Current occupation: 8th Grade Student

Career goal: Movie star

Sports: Figure skating

Favorite color: Blue

Celebrity crush: Ben Affleck

The year I traveled to: Victoria, BC (Yes? I think…)

Best Friend: Jean


At age 21 (though technically I was 20 when this photo was taken, but this is the photo I found, so here you go)

Current occupation: University of Oregon student; Eugene Weekly intern

Career goal: Magazine editor

Sports: Rock climbing at the rec center

Favorite color: Blue

Celebrity crush: Well I wouldn’t call it a crush but I have a strong literary admiration for T. S. Eliot.

The year I traveled to: NYC, where I got engaged.

Best Friend: Spencer


And here we are at age 28, which as you can see, is the year that my beautiful daughter Marie Joy was born….

Current occupation: Marketing Assistant at Westside Christian High School; substitute teacher

Career goal: Elementary school teacher; young adult novelist

Sports: Walking during my lunch break.

Favorite color: Still blue. I think it’s time to make a change.

Celebrity crush: Don Miller (again it’s really more of a literary thing…)

The year I traveled to: The hospital to give birth.

Best Friend: Spencer