Reasons to Name Your Daughter Ursula

Although no one apparently names their child “Ursula” these days, it is my name, and it rocks, so we need to bring it back. Here are some of the great things about my name:

1) It is unusual. Although I often have to repeat myself several times when I meet someone (“Huh? Your name is what?”), I like having a name that no one else has. I’ve never met anyone else with my name, and how many people can say that? Your daughter could be one of dozens of Isabellas or Emmas in her school, but she would probably be the only Ursula.

2) It means “Little girl bear.” Such an appropriate name for a cute cuddly baby bear.

3) It sounds good. Say it with me now. “Ursula.” Has a nice ring to it, don’t you think?

4) You can say that you named her after a saint. According to, St. Ursula was a 4th century British saint who was martyred by the Huns, along with 11,000 other virgins.

5) You can say you named her after a Bond girl. Ursula Andress is an actress who gained notoriety for portraying the character of “Honey Rider” in the first Bond movie.

Then there’s also Ursula LeGuin, the famous science fiction writer (who I heard read last Friday night), author of The Left Hand of Darkness and many more books.

I think I’ve made my case. Yay Ursula!

1 comment
  1. Alice said:

    I considered naming you Artemis, but I loved more the sound of Ursula. Yay, Ursula!

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