Thank you dear readers: In honor of my 100th follower

Let’s celebrate my 100th follower! Hurray!

I have reached the magical number of 100 followers on WordPress. Depending on your perspective this may sound like a lot of followers, or maybe like not very many. When I first started blogging a few years ago, 100 followers seemed an inconceivable success. Then again, If I were a newspaper, 100 readers would be a pretty awful circulation.

The truth is about 70 of my followers are spammers who are interested in getting me involved in some sort of WordPress pyramid scheme. (Well, it’s always nice to be invited.) Another 25 followers are people who have followed everyone on WordPress in an attempt to get them to follow their blogs, and then perhaps 5 or so of my readers are genuinely interested in my blog.

But to those 5 or so of you who do actually read Mother Bear — thank you. Even if you’re only reading because we’re married and I told you that you had to read this, it’s nice to write for an audience. Otherwise I might as well just write in my paper journal. So thank you for taking the time to read this when you could be reading countless other blogs, magazines, tweets, or memoirs. (Have you read Debra Gwartney’s heart-wrenching Live Through This: A Mother’s Memoir of Runaway Daughters and Reclaimed Love? Or Tobias Wolff’s This Boy’s Life? If not, please, stop reading this and go get a copy from your local library or independent bookstore. I promise, we can finish our conversation later). I hope that at times you have found my posts informative, entertaining or perhaps inspiring.

What is a writer without a reader anyway? I write to bear witness to my life, and to share that witness with you. You, dear reader, are a vital part of this contract.

“Looker, gazer, skimmer, skipper,
thumb-licking page turner, peruser,
you getting your print-fix for the day
…that is me rushing to the window…
me standing by a map of the world
wondering where you are–
alone on a bench in a train station
or falling asleep, the book sliding to the floor.” – Billy Collins (“Reader”)

1 comment
  1. Alice said:

    Love the photo, and the blog! You are a writer worthy of many readers.

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