Preparing for Baby Brother

Baby brother's coming soon!

Baby brother’s coming soon!

At 39 weeks pregnant, we’re expecting the arrival of Baby Brother any day now. My freezer is full of dinners I’ve thoughtfully prepared for our family in advance. We’ve spent the last several months cleaning and organizing our apartment. I filed our taxes, and made plans for celebrating my daughter’s April birthday in May.

I’ve been doing prenatal yoga, belly dancing, and water “aerobics” (okay it’s more of a relaxation class) for months. I have midwives and an experienced birth doula, and a free postpartum doula service lined up. I’ve reconfirmed my views on alternative vaccine schedules, decided it’s okay to skip the newborn eye antibiotics since I don’t have gonorrhea, and learned about the benefits of delaying baby’s first bath.

In other words – true to my personality – I’ve carefully controlled the parts of this baby equation that I can control. Ah, control, what an addictive and sweet illusion!


So I mean, I guess we’re ready.

  1. Alice said:

    Grandma is ready, too! To the extent that she can be. And none of this is under my control! But oh boy, what wonders to behold! Marie is about to be a big sister.

  2. So exciting! I was *just* talking to a friend today about my need to get more prepped for Baby #2. In theory, I have time—like 12 weeks—but that will pass so quickly! Time for me to take a page from your book and get my ducks in a row. 🙂

    • ursulamarie said:

      Congrats on your new baby on the way! This pregnancy has seemed to pass by really fast – partly because I’m scared about the newborn phase to follow. But, time to take a deep breath and plunge in.

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