June Snapshot



Books: Just finished reading Brene Brown’s The Gifts of Imperfection. Her research is so fascinating and helpful. If you’re not familiar with Brene, check out her viral TED talk.

Movies:  My daughter has been watching and re-watching Disney’s Peter Pan this week. I haven’t seen a movie for grown-ups in awhile.

Television: For kids, we’ve been loving Octonauts – full of facts about sea creatures. Did you know that sometimes whales are born as albinos, and if so, they can get sunburned?

Work: I’m just getting started on a new travel writing project, writing short online travel guides. Hurray! And I’m beginning a volunteer job as publicity chair for my daughter’s preschool.

Parenting challenge: Potty training. Caring for a baby and a high-maintenance 3-year-old who doesn’t nap. Not having a backyard. Determining if my daughter is allergic to dairy/lactose intolerant.

Gratitude: Baby brother laughed for the first time the other day!

Looking forward to: A free ukulele lesson in the park for my daughter next week. Also taking her to the symphony in the park later this summer.

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