I’m mommy to an energetic 3-year-old girl and a sweet baby boy. I started this blog to chronicle my first year of motherhood, as my husband and I try to figure out this parenting thing. Now, in year 3 of parenting, I’m just writing about whatever comes to mind during nap time the rare spare moment. Some posts may have literary merit, some may be informative, some may be barely coherent. I occasionally write and edit professionally and would like to do more of that. If you would like to hire me to write or edit something for you, please leave send me a comment via the contact form below. I will accept payment in the form of US dollars, peach pies, or an all-expenses paid trip to Europe. Or maybe just US dollars.

We live in Oregon. Some of my professional writing samples can be found here.

You can also check out my food blog, The Portland Foodie.

Need editorial help? Or just want to leave a comment that you’d rather not post publicly? Fill out the form below:

  1. Hi Ursula, thanks for visiting http://gottafindahome.wordpress.com I am in the final stages of writing a book and may require editorial assistance. I’m rather good at peach pies. I’m sure that FedEx would transport them safely, with the care they deserve. If not, I hate to think of the mess at your end. I wish you all the joys of parenthood. I’m now twice a grandfather, so all that is behind me. All the best for 2014. ~ Dennis

  2. ursulamarie said:

    Hi Dennis,

    Congrats on your book! All pie jokes aside, my editorial rates vary based on length of manuscript and level of editing needed. Are you looking for copy-editing for grammar, or more intensive editing for content? If you’re interested, you can reply here or to the “contact me” link that I hope to add during nap time later today. Cheers!

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