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I always want to participate in National Novel Writing Month, but it never seems like a good year.  It’s never the right time to do anything that you’re not really motivated to do. This year is no different. As the mom of a toddler, I often find it difficult to put together a coherent sentence. I just don’t have the mental energy to write a draft of a novel, even a terrible one. But I still want to push myself to write, so I’ve decided to participate in NaBloPoMo, where I write a blog post a day. If you read many blogs, you know that it’s not necessary to write coherently in order to be a blogger. So I will fit in just fine.

Also this month marks my 30th birthday. So 30 blog posts for 30 days to mark my 30 years seems appropriate.

Today is the day after Halloween. For Halloween we dressed Marie up as Minnie Mouse and visited the haunted 5th Street Market. In Mexico, today is the Day of the Dead, where people remember their ancestors. On our walk today Marie and I visited the site along Amazon Creek where my grandfather’s ashes were scattered two years ago. He lived in Arkansas most of my life and I only got to visit him about once a year, but our family reunions in Eureka Springs are some of my favorite memories. I remember one year he took me fishing and I hooked his thumb without knowing and was reeling it in. He didn’t even cry out in pain, but just told me to stop and calmly pulled the hook out. He was a stoic and quiet family patriarch with five children and 9 grandchildren.